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Olives, Pickles, Meat Products

Leave behind the old, boring dishes and spruce up your mains and starters with our unique olives, pickles, and meat products. Whether you need a perfect side dish with appetizing marinated vegetables or you want to try a unique and sumptuous meat and fish course, these products will instantly become a favorite.

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Caper Berries 1.5 kg Royal Command
SKU: 101324
Price: 35.82 CA$ 35.82 CAD
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Calabrian Peppers Paste 314 ml Dispac
SKU: 060582
Price: 15.35 CA$ 15.35 CAD
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Lemon Preserved Whole 370 ml Epicureal
SKU: 152500
Price: 11.82 CA$ 11.82 CAD
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White Anchovy Fillets 1 kg Agostino Recca
SKU: 091070
Price: 60.24 CA$ 60.24 CAD
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Sushi Ginger Pickled Gari 1 kg YOSHI
SKU: 103040
Price: 22.47 CA$ 22.47 CAD
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Olive Andalusian Tapas Bar Mix 2.5 kg Barral
SKU: 121855
Price: 58.08 CA$ 58.08 CAD
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Castelvetrano Olives 5 kg Oliveio
SKU: 121635
Price: 98.20 CA$ 98.2 CAD
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White Anchovy Fillets 200 g Agostino Recca
SKU: 091075
Price: 21.23 CA$ 21.23 CAD
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Duck Rendered Fat Conserve 320 g Rougie
SKU: 070120
Price: 20.06 CA$ 20.06 CAD
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Quail Eggs in Water 400 ml AroyD
SKU: 103029
Price: 11.71 CA$ 11.71 CAD
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Olive Verdi 'Bella di Cerignola' 3.1 L Dispac
SKU: 122101
Price: 68.59 CA$ 68.59 CAD
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Chickpeas Whole Tinned 2.55 kg Viniteau
SKU: 060642
Price: 15.50 CA$ 15.5 CAD
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Capers Nonpareil Small 1.5 L Epicureal
SKU: 101314
Price: 42.21 CA$ 42.21 CAD
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Olive Queen Pimento in Vermouth 1.89 L Royal Command
SKU: 123153
Price: 30.40 CA$ 30.400000000000002 CAD
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Snail Shells Empty Extra Large 24 pc Royal Command
SKU: 080904
Price: 21.29 CA$ 21.29 CAD
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Black Truffle Paste 90 g Royal Command
SKU: 050535
Price: 35.35 CA$ 35.35 CAD
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Kalamata Olives Pitted 1.89 L Royal Command
SKU: 121725
Price: 30.28 CA$ 30.28 CAD
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Artichoke Quartered Marinated 3.1 L Dispac
SKU: 060607
Price: 68.59 CA$ 68.59 CAD
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Picholine Green Olives 2.5 kg Barral
SKU: 121837
Price: 65.88 CA$ 65.88 CAD
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Bamboo Shoots Sliced 540 g AroyD
SKU: 060652
Price: 10.71 CA$ 10.71 CAD
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