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Knife Sets

For chefs and home cooks alike, the right kind of knife must be within reach at all times. So invest in long-lasting knife sets with the pieces that will carry you through all the work you need to do in the kitchen.

Go for the 9-piece Professional Chef Knife Set or the 7-piece Damascus Knife Set as well as the 14-piece Stainless Steel Knife Set with a few extra pieces for more experienced chefs. Invest in the knives that have been serving 5-star hotels for almost 40 years with this Artigee Royal Knife Set. Learn to work more precisely with your knives with the Artigee 13-piece Knife Block Set that includes an endcap for added balance. Whichever set you choose, your kitchen will work better.

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Knife Set w/Block 9 Piece 9 pc Artigee
SKU: ARTG-4003
Price: 88.35 CA$ 88.35000000000001 CAD
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Knife Block Set 13 piece Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-1020
Price: 111.88 CA$ 111.88 CAD
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Stainless Steel Knife Set with Acrylic Stand 14 pc Artigee
SKU: ARTG-1001
Price: 94.23 CA$ 94.23 CAD
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Damascus VG10 Knife Set 7 Piece 7 pc Artigee
SKU: ARTG-4005
Price: 229.52 CA$ 229.52 CAD
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Knife set 19 piece Set Artigee
SKU: ARTG-1010
Price: 111.88 CA$ 111.88 CAD
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