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A white powder derived from red algae used to thicken, gel, emulsify, and stabilize.
It is a natural vegetable gelatin counterpart. Creates firm, brittle gel and is the core ingredient to making fluids gels. Tolerates salt, sugar, alcohol and acid environments. Sets at 35°- 45°C. Melts again at 85°C. Agar is used in Asian desserts and can also be used in jellies, puddings and custards. It can be used as a stabilizer for whipped cream or meringue toppings. Usage level- 0.5-3% . 900 Strength.

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    Nutrition Facts
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    Serving Size Consumer Friendly 1 tsp (5g)
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    Gum Agar



    • VEGAN GELATIN SUBSTITUTE – Agar agar powder is a vegan gelatin substitute derived from red algae, and can be used to thicken, gel, emulsify and stabilize.
    • QUALITY GEL STRENGTH – Agar agar sets more firmly than gelatin, creating a firm and brittle gel that can tolerate salt, sugar, alcohol and acid environments.
    • PREMIUM INGREDIENT – Our agar agar powder only has one ingredient: agar. This makes it so that you can be confident that there are no preservatives/additives or extra ingredients that you didn’t sign up for.
    • USES – Agar is typically used in asian desserts, or to thicken jellies, soups, ice cream, fruit preserves, custards and puddings. You can also use it to stabilize whipped cream and meringue toppings.
    • HOW TO USE – Sets at 35°- 45°C. Melts again at 85°C. Agar needs to be first dissolved in water (or another liquid like milk, fruit juices, tea, stock…) and then brought to a boil. It will set as the ingredients cool down. You cannot add agar powder directly into your food.

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