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Used traditionally in Thai and south-east Asian cooking to impart a unique sweet aroma and flavour. Frozen Pandan Leaves come from a tropical herbaceous plant and in cooking have an aroma reminiscent of basmati or jasmine rice. They are thinner and narrower than banana leaves and are used to wrap sticky rice or chicken. It is used to flavour drinks and sweets like Thai Creme Caramel. In India, the leaves are added to Pulao and Biryani as well as sweet coconut rice pudding.

Origin: Vietnam Vietnam
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    • SWEET TASTE – Pandan leaves are known for their sweet aroma, hence they are used for wrapping meat or fish. When you keep your raw food covered in pandan leaves, the scent of the leaves will get transferred to your food, rendering a beautiful smell.
    • LEAVES – Pandan leaves are very much a part of the South East Asian culinary culture. These frozen leaves are sourced from an aromatic herbaceous plant. Sometimes, these leaves are added to food items for an intense aroma. They can also be used in juices and desserts.
    • VEGAN – Frozen pandan leaves are compatible with vegan and vegetarian diet plans, which makes them a widely versatile choice of food.
    • READILY AVAILABLE – If you want to try out a recipe involving pandan leaves, but you cannot find the product in your nearby markets, this pack of frozen pandan leaves is your best choice.
    • QUALITY ASSURANCE – This product sold at QualityFirst is completely genuine, and fresh.

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