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Frozen Fruit Purees

Les Vergers Boiron’s 100% natural frozen fruit purées perfectly represents the kind of product line Qualifirst wishes to bring to our customers. These purées are made from carefully selected fruits that are picked at the peak of ripeness and then quickly frozen to preserve their natural flavour and nutrients. The flavours range from classics such as raspberry, strawberry and mango, but also include exciting flavours like lychee, kalamansi, bergamot, chestnut & vanilla, and much more! Around 40 different flavours are currently available, all free of additives, artificial flavours and preservatives.

These purées are very versatile. Add them to smoothies for a boost of flavour, make delicious flavoured whipped cream, mix in cocktails for a refreshing twist or use them as a base for sorbets and ice creams. They are perfect for pastries, adding a natural sweetness and vibrant colours to cakes, tarts and more!

Note that as frozen items, these will need to be treated as temperature-sensitive products when shipping.

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Cranberry & Morello Cherry Puree 100% Pure Frozen 6 x 1 kg Boiron
SKU: 152848-6ct
Price: 189.96 CA$ 189.96 CAD
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Quince Puree 100% Frozen 6 x 1 kg Boiron
SKU: 152803-6ct
Price: 208.42 CA$ 208.42000000000002 CAD
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Papaya Puree 100% Pure Frozen 6 x 1 kg Boiron
SKU: 152807-6ct
Price: 204.02 CA$ 204.02 CAD
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Yuzu Puree 100% Pure Frozen 1 kg Boiron
SKU: 152814
Price: 221.05 CA$ 221.05 CAD
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Sudachi Puree 100% Pure Frozen 1 kg Boiron
SKU: 152812
Price: 123.79 CA$ 123.79 CAD
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Prickly Pear Puree Frozen 1 kg Boiron
SKU: 152811
Price: 47.15 CA$ 47.15 CAD
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Pumpkin Puree 100% Pure Frozen 6 x 1 kg Boiron
SKU: 152835-6ct
Price: 172.31 CA$ 172.31 CAD
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