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Infuse a soothing sweetness into your cuisine with pandan leaves. Part of Asian tradition since time immemorial, this tropical flowering plant transforms ordinary bland rice into a dish similar to basmati - full of aroma and rich flavour!

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July 28, 2021

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Other Frozen Products

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Chestnuts Whole IQF 1 kg Qualifirst
SKU: 153025
MSRP: 67.90 CA$
Your price: 46.19 CA$ 46.19 CAD
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Sour Cherry Pitted IQF 1 kg Fruiron
SKU: 153000
MSRP: 23.90 CA$
Your price: 20.07 CA$ 20.07 CAD
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Pandan Leaves Frozen 227 g Coco Tree
SKU: 181964
MSRP: 9.94 CA$
Your price: 9.47 CA$ 9.47 CAD
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Saskatoon Berries IQF 1 kg Fruiron
SKU: 153003
MSRP: 55.90 CA$
Your price: 39.13 CA$ 39.13 CAD
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Vol au Vent (Bouchees) Large 3.25" 72 pc Moda
SKU: 237110
MSRP: 220.00 CA$
Your price: 135.40 CA$ 135.4 CAD
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Vol au Vent (Bouchees) Mini 1.5" 336 pc Moda
SKU: 237103
MSRP: 300.00 CA$
Your price: 187.46 CA$ 187.46 CAD
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