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Sweet flavour of fresh ripe raspberries in a pack. Inspired by nature, “Fresh As” freeze-dried Raspberry Powder is a vibrant rose coloured powder with the intense flavour of just picked raspberries. Raspberry powder is superb mixed with fine sugar for rimming cocktail glasses. It makes a wonderful garnish for vanilla ice cream with poached peaches and a spectacular garnish on white chocolate truffles. Raspberry Powder can be used to add fruitiness to a spice rub for meat. Excellent in smoothies and makes an extraordinary raspberry vinaigrette.

Gluten Free Gluten Free
GMO Free GMO Free
Origin: New Zealand New Zealand
More than 60 Years of Specialty Food Sourcing Experience
Trusted By Over 2,500 Establishments Across Canada

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    Raspberry. Vegan & Vegetarian friendly



    • RIPE BERRY FLAVOUR - There’s everything to love about this incredible raspberry powder, bursting with sweet, vibrant berry flavour. From toppings to yoghurts and ice creams, this is the ingredient that you need to create the fruity dishes you’re craving.
    • MADE FROM ONE INGREDIENT - Fresh-As creates their freeze dried powder from one ingredient: raspberries. You can enjoy the incredible flavours, knowing full well that you aren’t consuming any harmful additives. This powder is also GMO free, ensuring everything is as pure as possible.
    • EXTREMELY VERSATILE - From yoghurts and ice cream toppings to adding some sweetness to your meats, this is an ingredient that you can experiment with. It’s time to get creative.
    • ALL THE HEALTH BENEFITS - Frozen fruit has been shown to retain all the health benefits of regular food. Raspberries are great sources of vitamin C and K, as well as Fiber and Manganese. This means you can snack guilt free, knowing that you’re staying healthy.
    • START YOUR DAY RIGHT - The best days are fueled with the right food. This freeze dried raspberry powder is ideal for adding some flavour to your breakfast smoothie or yoghurt - perfect for fuelling your day and giving you something to smile about in the morning.

    Raspberry Chocolate Brownies
    Raspberry Chocolate Brownies
    February 11, 2022 by Jodi MacKinnon (QFG)
    20 mins
    40 mins
    1 hr
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