Lavender Essential Oil - 30 ml Czaviar

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    Lavender flowers

    • AROMATHERAPY – Bulgarian Lavender Oil has a subtle, yet sweet scent, which is often used in aromatherapy practices to reduce stress, calm anxiety, relieve symptoms of migraines and induce sleep by promoting relaxation.
    • SLEEP, HEADACHES & NERVES – When used in a diffuser, Bulgarian Lavender Oil can assist in meditative practices by creating a very relaxed environment. This oil’s calming properties can also be used by placing it on the pillow before bed.
    • TOPICAL & COSMETIC USES – Bulgarian Lavender Oil when diluted in a carrier oil such as Almond Oil or Avocado Oil can be used in skin care on minor cuts scrapes and burns. Its antimicrobial properties make it a strong disinfectant.
    • OTHER USES – Bulgarian Lavender Oil is great for taking a bath, aiding in soothing of the skin while relaxing the body, and often massaged into the scalp to assist in headache relief.

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