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Dry Fruits, Vegetables

Welcome a diverse party of guests, regardless of their preferred diets with these super healthy fruits and vegetables! Flavours and nutrients are preserved intact thanks to the freeze-drying of mushrooms and other whole foods like citrus and tropical fruits turned to powders. Or if you prefer the traditional method of moist-drying, we have that, too. Sugar-coated candied fruits are a healthy treat, as well, with fruit powders that take your dishes to the next level! Take care of your patrons’ health by serving superfood and vegetables that are not only nourishing and palatable but also cost-effective!

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Fig Halves Cocktail Garnish 85 g Fruiron
SKU: 241207
Price: 18.88 CA$ 18.88 CAD
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Lucuma Powder 500 g Dinavedic
SKU: 182582
Price: 32.41 CA$ 32.410000000000004 CAD
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Ume Powder 175 g Epicureal
SKU: 182145
Price: 15.35 CA$ 15.35 CAD
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Yuzu Powder 50 g Fruiron
SKU: 182495
Price: 17.71 CA$ 17.71 CAD
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Black Lime (Loomi) Dried 60 g YOSHI
SKU: 181969
Price: 11.82 CA$ 11.82 CAD
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Mandarin Segment Freeze Dried 30 g Fresh-As
SKU: 240835
Price: 21.23 CA$ 21.23 CAD
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Raspberry Powder Freeze Dried 300 g Fruiron
SKU: 241111
Price: 138.87 CA$ 138.87 CAD
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Strawberry Sliced Freeze Dried 100 g Fresh-As
SKU: 240700
Price: 68.35 CA$ 68.35000000000001 CAD
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Ginger Candied 65 g Epicureal
SKU: 106007
Price: 10.65 CA$ 10.65 CAD
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Ginger Crystallized 250 g Fruiron
SKU: 152601
Price: 16.53 CA$ 16.53 CAD
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Porcini (Cepes) Dry 0.454 kg (by kg) 24K
SKU: 050403
Price: 129.52 CA$ 129.52 CAD
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Lime Juice Powder 140 g 24K
SKU: 182373
Price: 17.71 CA$ 17.71 CAD
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Ginger Diced Mini 454 g Fruiron
SKU: 152618
Price: 20.06 CA$ 20.06 CAD
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Cherries Whole Freeze Dried 35 g Fresh-As
SKU: 240815
Price: 24.76 CA$ 24.76 CAD
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Pea Protein 80% 1 kg Epigrain
SKU: 204461
Price: 44.76 CA$ 44.76 CAD
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Onion Dehydrated Flakes - 210 g Royal Command
SKU: 181950
Price: 13.06 CA$ 13.06 CAD
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Barley Grass Powder 250 g Dinavedic
SKU: 182573
Price: 19.47 CA$ 19.47 CAD
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Cauliflower Powder 454 g Royal Command
SKU: 182606
Price: 27.12 CA$ 27.12 CAD
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Pineapple Chunks Freeze Dried 40 g Fresh-As
SKU: 240850
Price: 25.94 CA$ 25.94 CAD
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Cranberry Powder Freeze Dried 300 g Fruiron
SKU: 241113
Price: 44.76 CA$ 44.76 CAD
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