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Who doesn’t get excited over a gift of chocolates? Present your loved ones, special someone, or prized guests with Cluizel’s splendid chocolate goodness! Or perhaps you want only the most remarkable chocolate for your confiserie? Excite the chocolate lover in your life (whether that’s your partner or your customers) with these chocolate gifts!

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Sardines Milk Chocolate TIN 75 g Michel Cluizel
SKU: 170860
MSRP: 19.90 CA$
Your price: 17.00 CA$ 17.0 CAD
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Choc Caramel Almond Box 120 g Michel Cluizel
SKU: 170755
MSRP: 25.90 CA$
Your price: 21.23 CA$ 21.23 CAD
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Plantation Asst'd 28x5g Gift Box 140 g Michel Cluizel
SKU: 170715
MSRP: 39.90 CA$
Your price: 30.00 CA$ 30.0 CAD
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Plantation 16x5g Transparent Box 80 g Michel Cluizel
SKU: 170710
MSRP: 24.15 CA$
Your price: 23.00 CA$ 23.0 CAD
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Choc. A Paris Mini Bars 12ct 120 g Michel Cluizel
SKU: 170942
MSRP: 49.90 CA$
Your price: 35.35 CA$ 35.35 CAD
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