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Beans & Lentils

Did you know Canadian farmers grow more lentils than farmers anywhere else in the world? By almost 3x! Beans and lentils are among the most nutrient-dense foods we eat. Dried beans and lentils store on your shelves for years without any drop in quality.

Rehydrate dried chickpeas for a house-hummus, add a cup of dried black lentils to a pot of soup for a hearty filler, and introduce cannellini beans into your fall minestrone soup.

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Lentils Beluga 5 kg Epigrain
SKU: 061135
Price: 60.38 CA$ 60.38 CAD
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Runner Cannellini Heirloom Beans 5 lbs Epigrain
SKU: 061170
Price: 31.05 CA$ 31.05 CAD
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Lentils Eh Puy Premium 700 g Epigrain
SKU: 061137
Price: 15.35 CA$ 15.35 CAD
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Lentils Eh Puy 5 kg Epigrain
SKU: 061130
Price: 57.86 CA$ 57.86 CAD
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Chickpeas Whole 5 kg Epigrain
SKU: 204043
Price: 46.31 CA$ 46.31 CAD
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Lentils Eh Puy Premium 5 kg Epigrain
SKU: 061131
Price: 63.79 CA$ 63.79 CAD
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Lingot Beans White 5 kg Epigrain
SKU: 061105
Price: 58.04 CA$ 58.04 CAD
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Coco Bean White Dry 5 kg Epigrain
SKU: 061115
Price: 42.58 CA$ 42.58 CAD
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Black Chickpeas (Kala Chana) - 500 g Epigrain
SKU: 204174
Price: 11.82 CA$ 11.82 CAD
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Yellow Split Peas 1 kg Epigrain
SKU: 204042
Price: 13.03 CA$ 13.030000000000001 CAD
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Adzuki Beans Dry - 454 g Epigrain
SKU: 061191
Price: 18.68 CA$ 18.68 CAD
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Green Chickpeas (Hara Chana) Whole 5 lbs Epigrain
SKU: 204044
Price: 19.34 CA$ 19.34 CAD
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Lingot Beans White 1 kg Epigrain
SKU: 061104
Price: 17.74 CA$ 17.740000000000002 CAD
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Romano Beans - 5 kg Epigrain
SKU: 061124
Price: 40.38 CA$ 40.38 CAD
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Flageolet Green Dry - 5 kg Epigrain
SKU: 061111
Price: 128.59 CA$ 128.59 CAD
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Flageolet Green Dry 1 kg Epigrain
SKU: 061112
Price: 29.50 CA$ 29.5 CAD
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