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It’s impossible to feel inspired in a space that isn’t. Every living room has a couch, but not everyone has a couch they like. And you deserve something better to curl up in at the end of a long day. Liven up your lounge and living spaces with a creamy white sofa or a patterned ottoman that gives your imagination the colours and patterns it craves. Draw the eyes around your living space with versatile shapes through our selection of lounge chairs, sofas, ottomans, and side and sofa tables. You won’t need a room with a view when your room is the view with a collection of furniture so unique and tasteful.

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July 28, 2021

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Lounge and Living

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Hugo Pouf Chair Gold - Gold Wudern
SKU: HUG3101
MSRP: 450.00 CA$
Your price: 300.69 CA$ 300.69 CAD
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Hugo Pouf Chair Black - Black Wudern
SKU: HUG1603
MSRP: 395.00 CA$
Your price: 268.34 CA$ 268.34000000000003 CAD
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Ellis Pouf Table Pink - Pink Wudern
SKU: ELI0121
MSRP: 440.00 CA$
Your price: 294.81 CA$ 294.81 CAD
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Ellis Large Round Velvet Blue Ottoman - Blue Velvet Wudern
SKU: ELI0106
MSRP: 400.00 CA$
Your price: 271.28 CA$ 271.28000000000003 CAD
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Vinny Dark Stained Wood Coffee Table - Dark Stained Wudern
MSRP: 349.00 CA$
Your price: 241.28 CA$ 241.28 CAD
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Ellis Pouf Table Green - Green Wudern
SKU: ELI0156
MSRP: 440.00 CA$
Your price: 294.81 CA$ 294.81 CAD
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Ellington White Luxury Loveseat - White Wudern
SKU: ELL9004
MSRP: 977.00 CA$
Your price: 628.17 CA$ 628.17 CAD
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Beaufort Modern White Lounge Chair - White Wudern
SKU: BEA1090
MSRP: 935.00 CA$
Your price: 717.22 CA$ 717.22 CAD
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