Verjus Red Cabernet 750Ml Boulou

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No red wine vinegar? Use Boulou Red Cabernet Verjus instead! Cabernet Verjus (red) is sharper in feel to the interior of your mouth than the smooth feel of the white. More akin to a vinegar, but no where near the acidity, it imparts a nice red wine feel, but as if it were a juice. Made from the pressing of immature grapes, the juice is then heated to produce a product that is low in acidity with a mild sweetness that doesn’t interfere with other flavours. Verjus has a wide variety of uses from aperitifs to dressings.

  • Origin:
  • Spain

made from fresh pressed unripened cabernet sauvignon & cabernet franc grapes. Grape juice, sulphur dioxide (prevents fermentation). No Alcohol or Colorants.

Verjus Red Cabernet                 750Ml Boulou
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