Tamari Soy Sauce 250Ml Yoshi 250mL, 1L

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If you're used to soy tasting like the byproduct of a salt mill with no real flavor to speak of, this will be a welcome surprise. Tamari Soy Sauce has a complex aroma and a tangy, umami-rich flavour. Known as Shoyu in Japan; it is brewed using only premium soybeans. It is Gluten-free, making it a welcome product for those senstitve to wheat. Organic Tamari Soy Sauce is a delicious condiment for sushi or steamed rice. Use in marinades, Asian inspired salad dressings and in glazes for chicken wings or salmon.

Select a size: 250ml 1L

  • Origin:
  • Japan

water, soybeans, sea salt, fermented alcohol.

Tamari Soy Sauce Organic
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