Black Garlic Soy Sauce 500Ml Japan

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A premium Japanese soy sauce with the unique flavour of black garlic. Black Garlic Soy Sauce has the complex flavours of earthy, fermented soy beans, dried figs and raisins, a hint of molasses sweetness, and a subtle garlic finish. It's used in Japan as a stand-alone or finishing soy sauce that's ideal with sushi and sashimi, agedashi tofu, or steamed rice. Use it in a marinade for black garlic chicken or pork tenderloin. Add it to stir-fries or use it in a glaze for grilled salmon or yakitori. It's also delicious as a finish for ramen.

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  • Japan

ginger, water, salt, acetic acid, citric acid, aspartame (contains phenylalanine), potassium sorbate, allura red.

Black Garlic Soy Sauce              500Ml Japan
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