Brigitte Martin

Vice President & CFO - Toronto, Canada


Brigitte Martin

My husband, Ray, and our four children are blessings in my life every day. We have a passion for eating well. Being very busy, we prefer simple French cuisine, meals that can be prepared in a half-hour or less, but with top-quality ingredients. We find that great olive oil and mustard changes your life and we also prefer organic ingredients. And the kids love it. I love the discovery of cooking, experimenting and finding new tastes. I’m comforted knowing that if I cook with my choice of ingredients, my family will be healthy and that’s very important to me.

I love to work hard but also take time out to travel. I enjoy traveling to see my family in France, plus the choice of food there is incomparable. And I love everything about Italy – the people, the food, and the architecture, it’s all wonderful. During my down time, I read a great deal, listen to music and love to dance. I’ve loved reading since I was a little girl and, like my taste in food, my taste in literature and music is quite varied and explorative, as long as they have quality ingredients.


As a child in France, seeing my father go through haemodialysis three times a week for kidney failure was a driving motivation to pursue a career in nursing. After serving as a nurse for three years, I decided to take a break and applied to work for a season at Club Med in Guadeloupe. It was a fateful decision that led me to finding my husband, Ray, who was also working at the resort that year. We knew almost instantly that we were meant to be together, and after a long-distance courtship between Toronto and Montpellier, we became engaged.

I moved to Toronto in 1993 and continued my work as a registered nurse, but the arrival of children and the desire to focus on family life soon led to a career change. I began working for Qualifirst doing deliveries and preparing orders in the warehouse. Being able to work with Ray and learn a new business was the perfect match and I loved being exposed to the different operational facets. As the business grew, I transitioned from organizing the warehouse to working in the office and adding invoicing, purchasing, payables and training to my tasks. I have always taken pride in being a hard worker and doing whatever needed to be done seemed logical to me. Looking back, I’m grateful that I was able to be a part of Qualifirst’s growth and continue to work hard to perfect the systems needed to enable future growth.

I love what I do and have enjoyed being involved with such an amazing team of passionate, hard-working people at Qualifirst.

Favourite Products:

Michel Cluizel Elianza Dark Minigram – There’s just no comparison. My kids can’t live without it anymore. Since we began using Michel Cluizel, they know what chocolate is supposed to taste like, and it’s not sugar.

Morelli Pastas – Morelli’s pastas are a lot like Michel Cluizel’s chocolate; once you try it, there’s no going back. They’re just that much better. Days that we’re in a rush, we can just cook some Morelli pasta, add a jar of Vino de Milo pasta sauce, and we have a gourmet meal for the whole family.

Vino de Milo Four Herbs w/ Malbec Pasta Sauce – It’s just delicious and healthy and I love how they make it. Vino de Milo pasta sauces are manufactured with local ingredients and local ripe tomatoes so they don’t need to add sugar or any other additives.

Favourite Quote:

Do not procrastinate and do today what can be done today.