Saskatoon Berries Iqf 1Kg Royal Command

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A native North American berry with a sweet, nutty almond-like flavour used in baking and cooking. IQF Saskatoon Berries are a purplish-blue berry similar to blueberries and are sometimes called service berries. They are eaten both fresh or dried, and IQF freezing ensures easy and exact measuring in cooking or baking. Saskatoon berries are delicious in pies and jams, and they're also good for making wine, cider and beer. Indigenous people used them to make pemmican, a dried meat preparation similar to jerky.

  • Origin:
  • Canada
  • Feature(s):
  • Frozen

Saskatoon Berries Iqf               1Kg Fruiron
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Customer Reviews

by Kent D.


Excellent product that perfectly fit the theme to the charity dinner it was part of (Celebrating the Regions of Canada), delivered in a timely fashion.

Posted On 2017-02-07

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