Raspberry Powder Freeze Dried 200G Fresh-As 35g, 200g

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Sweet flavour of fresh ripe raspberries in a pack. Inspired by nature, “Fresh As” freeze-dried Raspberry Powder is a vibrant rose coloured powder with the intense flavour of just picked raspberries. Raspberry powder is superb mixed with fine sugar for rimming cocktail glasses. It makes a wonderful garnish for vanilla ice cream with poached peaches and a spectacular garnish on white chocolate truffles. Raspberry Powder can be used to add fruitiness to a spice rub for meat. Excellent in smoothies and makes an extraordinary raspberry vinaigrette.

Select a size: 35g 200g

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  • New Zealand


Raspberry Powder Freeze Dried
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by Patti S.


I have received the product, but haven't had a chance to try it yet

Posted On 2016-02-22

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