Ponzu Juice 375Ml Yakami Orchard

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Ponzu Juice is at once sweet, sour and salty, and a little bitter! It is a tart citrus sauce commonly used in Japanese cuisine made with mirin (Japanese cooking wine) and rice vinegar. Traditionally, it is used as a sauce for lightly charcoal-grilled meats and as a dip for beef cooked in the simmering hot pot dish Shabu-Shabu. It is wonderful in marinades for grilled beef or salmon and is delicious sprinkled on steamed rice. Ponzu juice is a superb and exotic condiment for fresh oysters on the half shell.

  • Origin:
  • Japan
  • Feature(s):
  • Japanese Specialties

rice wine vinegar, salted mirin ( sake, sugar, water, salt, yeast extract), alcohol 8% by volume, salt 1.5% wt. by volume, water, yuzu citron juice, yuzu citron zest puree, bonito, konbu seaweed.

Ponzu Juice                         375Ml Yakami Orchard
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Customer Reviews

by Brendan D.


I love to add this ponzu juice to any Asian broth I'm making. That with a little garlic and ginger. Add some dumplings and you are good to go!

Posted On 2016-01-15

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