Molecular Cuisine Kit 1Ct Powderfortexture

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Have fun playing with your food! A kit sure to delight the budding Molecular chef, it contains all the ingredients and tools for mastering a variety of modern culinary techniques and preparation. It includes xanthan gum for spherification like Ferran Adria’s Melon with Ham, soy lecithin powder for stabilizing foam sauces such as foie gras sauce, and sodium alginate and a food grade syringe for preparing caviar such as watermelon or fruit juice.

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soy lecithin (soy lecithin), sodium alginate (sodium alginate), xanthan gum (xanthan gum), agar (agar), carrageenan iota (carrageenan, sucrose), calcium chloride (calcium chloride 77%), calcium lactate gluconate (calcium lactate, calcium gluconate), versawhip (enzyme modified soy protein. Contains: soy, sulphites), ultra tex-8 (modified tapioca starch), carrageenan kappa (carrageenan, sucrose).

Molecular Cuisine Kit               1Ct Powderfortexture
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by Xavier B.


molecular kit.

Posted On 2017-04-11

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