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Receive the best product, in the size right for you, in the quantity you need. Delivered to you when you need it, in perfect condition, every time. Qualifirst has been expertly serving restaurants and retailers across Canada for more than 50 years. Let us serve you too.

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Receive select premium culinary products of the highest merit. Exclusively hand-selected from around the globe, our gourmet ingredients have exquisite flavour and richly rooted provenance. Every artisan item is artfully sourced, wholesome, and of the highest quality.

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Stop searching for those hard-to-find, one-of-a-kind products. The items that truly make a difference and set you apart. Let Qualifirst do the work for you. Our expertly selected quality products will fill your establishment and increase your sales.

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Fine Foods

Japanese Citruses


A superfood high in protein that's perfect for vegetarian and vegan diets. Burnished copper in colour, it makes gorgeous salads and grain bowls. Naturally gluten-free with an appealing nutty flavour and crunchy texture.

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himalayan pink salt


The cleanest salt on the planet, prized for its pure, additive-free flavour. The colour variation in the beautiful rose pebbles indicates a high mineral content. A perfect finishing salt on grilled food or in a salt cellar on the table.

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Wholesale Foods

& Innovative ingredients

david's koako cereal toppers


Turn plain cereal into a nutritious powerhouse. Sprinkle crunchy texture and chocolate flavour on yogurt, fresh fruit, or ice cream. Kids will love how it tastes and won't know that they're getting a protein and iron boost from chia and hemp seeds.

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ripe purple figs


A golden, honey-sweet nectar made from ripe figs and white wine vinegar. Create spectacular vinaigrettes by whisking together with the finest extra virgin olive oil. It's a unique condiment that will spark a food lover's imagination.

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Gourmet Recipes

Apple maple granola crisp

Apple-Maple Granola Crisp

A cold weather, crowd-pleasing dessert made with crisp apples sweetened with maple sugar and topped with a granola crumble. The fruity mango... [Find out more →]

Zahtar Eggplant Farro Risotto

Zahtar Eggplant Farro Risotto

Nutty farro and Arabic spices make a beautiful flavour combination. Serve as a vegetarian main course or as a side dish with roast leg of lamb... [Find out more →]

black garlic and honey ice cream

Black Garlic and Honey Ice Cream

A real treat at the end of dinner, black garlic gives this ice cream notes of toffee and chocolate... [Find out more →]

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I was impressed with the selection of great items, and even more impressed with how quickly they arrived. I will definitely be a return customer. Iana
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tips for restaurants
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Roasted at very low temperatures for 23 days

gourmet foods: black garlic

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the qualifirst story

authentic sourcing

We crisscross the globe in search of the best ingredients we can find. Our standards are unyielding and our vendors represent a smorgasbord of the finest food artisans.

passion for food

All our products have provenance and flavor, with quality that shines through. Our customers share our passion for world-class ingredients, cutting-edge techniques, and exquisite presentation.

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What Clients Say
"Always a great product, and if not, they offered me a credit for the one tin of the item that had gone bad."
Dominique L., 2017-06-06
"Excellent quality. Packaging was less then impressive. However, it's what's inside that counts!"
Ryan T., 2017-05-24
"Could not find spices I was looking for, searched everywhere until I found this site, ordered them for a good price came in a couple days later couldn't be happier"
Stefan T., 2017-05-22
"David's Spices are like nothing else on the market. Great flavour and no sugar or salt! My absolute favourite brand. I especially like the "Spicy Rub" and "Chicken Rub". Delicious."
Shannon M., 2017-05-21
"Excellent choice for us"
Ruiqi d., 2017-05-16
"fast shipping and great quality...can't wait to order again"
Kim D., 2017-05-09
"John always helps me finding ingredients and product with timely manner and smile. Thank you! He make me to choose qualifirst! Thank you"
Banquets P., 2017-05-09
"Always enjoyed the quality of products and service that Qualifirst offer and there long commitment that they have provided us over the last many years. Thank you!"
Ronald S., 2017-05-07
"They are consistent in quality. Easy to use without additional sugar."
Baron H., 2017-04-21
"David's Special Steak rub gets a 5/5 (great mixed ' The Keg' seasoning and on pork chops) , however the Jamaican Jerk rub could use more oomph."
Cathy U., 2017-04-21
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Used in ice cream bases, in pastry cream. Both with excellent results. Frankly, didn't really like the smell or ...
- Michelle, Jan 30, 2018

Mango Puree Frozen 1Kg Boiron
Good texture and taste. The taste is natural.
- Lavender, Jan 21, 2018

Chestnut Puree 900G Hero
Excellent - the best on the market today!
- Tatiana, Dec 3, 2017

Pistachio Fine Paste 1.4Kg Epicureal
Great tasting paste that is easy to work with and imparts a lot of flavour using a small amount. Good in cookie ...
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Orange Peels Candied Straight Baton 1Kg Sabaton
Amazing flavour and easy to work with.
- Carly, Oct 3, 2017

Special Steak Rub 150G Davids
I have been using this spice for years. Great on chicken too. I also add it to Miracle Whip and Apple Cider ...
- Janice, Sep 23, 2017

Veggie Rub 135G Davids
This stuff is the absolute best on baby potatoes w/some olive oil. I shared them with my co-workers, and everyone ...
- Randi, Aug 12, 2017

Classic Balsamic Glaze 500Ml Viniteau
Love this glaze, even great on strawberries.
- Anne, Aug 6, 2017

Polenta Medium Quick Cook 350G Epicureal
love polenta and this quick stuff is very nce and easy to use
- Anne, Aug 6, 2017

Quinoa White Grain (Organic) 2Kg Royal Command
Great hot or cold. Easy to cook, remember to rinse first. Thats one of the most important parts to cooking this.
- Anne, Aug 6, 2017