Griottes Cherries In Syrup - 1.6Kg Royal Command

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The vibrant red colour and mouth-puckering flavour of the small French Griottes cherry (also known as Morello or sour cherry.) Griottes Cherries in Syrup capture the fresh and acidic fruit juiciness of this delicious variety. They are perfect in cherry pie filling, in a glaze for a classic cheesecake, as a garnish for rice pudding or in a sauce to serve with chocolate tart. Griottes Cherries in Syrup make a wonderful addition to strudels along with apple and can be added to cherry ice cream or sorbet for fruit texture.

  • Origin:
  • France
  • Feature(s):
  • Refrigerate

griottes cherries, water, sugar.

Griottes Cherries In Syrup         - 1.6Kg Royal Command
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