Feuille De Brick 30Cm 10Ct 250G Beteavone

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Brick, like phyllo dough, is buttered and layered to form a wrapper or crust that bakes to a lovely golden colour and has a crisp, crunchy, flaky texture. It is a traditional Tunisian pastry that is onion-skin thin rounds, 30 cm in diameter, which are ready to use. Feuille de Brick is traditionally used to prepare the North African savoury, highly spiced meat pastry known as Bistella. Feuille de Brick can also be used to wrap fruit strudels, fish such as salmon, or small savoury hors d'oeuvres such as Samosas.

  • Origin:
  • Canada
  • Feature(s):
  • Frozen
  • Kosher

Enriched flour, water, salt, sunflower seed oil, calcium propionate, emulsifier.

Feuille De Brick 30Cm 10Ct          250G Beteavone
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