Simply Wholesome Ingredients

Indulge in the deliciously wholesome, purely authentic, taste of Epicureal fine products.

Please your palate with the abundant selection of rice, grain, honey, dried fruits, nuts and spices.

Procured from only the best sources across the globe, these authentic ingredients offer healthful options for every cooking style. Epicureal all natural products contain zero additives and offer organic and gluten-free selections.

Rice & Couscous:

Nutrient-packed Epicureal Tri-Colour Couscous direct from Israel. Thailand’s full flavoured, delightfully presented, Jasmine Red Rice. And no rice pudding would be complete without Epicureal Knight Rice.

Rice & Couscous

Quinoa & Other Grains:

Crunchy textured Red, Black, White and Tri-Colour Quinoa is inherently grassy and nutty flavoured, and packed with nutrients. Southern style Hominy Grits masterfully creates the base for many dishes, and beautifully golden Pearled Durum and intensely flavourful Cracked Freekeh are just a few of the healthful grains rounding out the line.

Almondena coconut products

Beans & Legumes

Sourced from Peru, the land of their heritage, Epicureal Cannellini Bean’s larger size and nutty, meaty flavour have become an Italian favourite. And Canada’s own Beluga Lentil’s earthy flavour, shiny black appearance, and quick and easy preparation make spectacular presentation a snap

Almondena Amber Sugar Stir Sticks

Sugars & Honeys:

Processed less than white sugar, Epicureal authentic organic Cane Sugar retains the vitamins and minerals present in cane juice. And an assortment of naturally flavoured honey will have every chef buzzing. Floral Acacia Blossom with delicate hints of vanilla, strong, rich, dark Floral Chestnut Blossom and sweet, bold Floral Orange Blossom.

Almondena embellishments

Nuts & Dried Fruits:

Whole, sun-dried, slightly sweet, cherries, blueberries and cranberries add bold flavour to cereals, baked goods, trail mixes, rice and grain dishes. Marcona Almonds from Spain are crunchy, nutty, perfectly roasted and seasoned to perfection.

Almondena Amber Sugar Stir Sticks

Herbs & Spices:

All from Provence, Epicureal Oregano, Thyme, Savory, Rosemary and a variety of blends, are packed for convenience and freshness. Turn up the heat with rich, sweet and fruity ground Ancho; hot, slow roasted Chipotle jalapeno powder; and Trinidad’s Colombo Curry, with spicy lemon notes.

Herbs & Spices

Purely Aromatic Vanilla:

100% Vanilla Powder; a splendid addition to dry baking mixes as it does not discolour. Vanilla Paste sweetens conveniently with a quick, creamy scoop. And Two-Fold Vanilla Extract infuses full vanilla flavour in half the specified amount.

Almondena Amber Sugar Stir Sticks

Capers & Vegetables:

Caperberries, with their aromatic, earthy, vegetal flavour are ideal in pasta salads and tapenades. And every antipasto thrives with the crunch, slightly sweet flavour of Hearts of Palm.

Almondena embellishments