Made from pure, cold pressed citrus oils, natural flavours, and organically grown blooms, the Bitarome line of oils, extracts and waters delivers unsurpassed flavour. Revitalize sauces, soups, baked goods and so much more. Mix and match flavours to create one-of-a-kind delights.


Bitarome Floral

Using only the best steaming process, these Moroccan florals add light sweetness and delicate, fragrant notes, reminiscent of their organically grown blooms.


Bitarome Périgord

With Bitarome Perigord Extracts’ 18% alcohol content, adding earthy, nutty, woodsy, mushroom flavour has never been easier. Whether preparing savory sauces, tossing with pasta, or making a vinaigrette, intensify flavour in just a drop with Bitarome Perigord Extracts.


Bitarome Citrusy

Bitarome Citrus Oils are cold pressed from the rind of fresh fruit, retaining the natural fruit’s intense flavour, aroma and nutritional value. Ethnic main dishes, desserts, candies and zesty marinades come to life. A little goes a long way.


Bitarome Aromatic

Anticipate the fragrant magic of the holidays year round with Bitarome Aromatics. Buttery, sweet, warm maple, intoxicating anise, festive ginger and cinnamon, pungent peppermint, and deliciously complex vanilla, add intense flavour to baked goods, marinades, sauces and cocktails.


Bitarome Nutty

Bring natural nutty flavour, without sweetness, to baked goods, ice cream, breakfast treats and beverages. Mix with other Bitarome flavours to create uniquely delicious tastes all your own.


Bitarome Fruity

Just a few drops in cooking or baking adds intense fruity flavour and aroma without sweetness. Combine with other Bitarome flavours to create unique sauces, jams, ice cream and beverages.


Bitarome Tropical

Nothing brings the tropics to life like the natural flavour and aroma of coconut. With Bitarome Coconut Extract it is easier than ever to add this delightful flavour to ice cream, desserts and beverages. Just a few drops of this high-quality flavouring is all you need.


Bitarome Cacao

Bitarome Chocolate Extract boosts the intensity of flavour in chocolate beverages and desserts. Add depth to sauces and marinades with this high-quality flavouring. Combine with fruity, nutty, aromatic and tropical Bitarome flavours for a uniquely rich taste. Just a drop goes a long way.