Borne of a simple philosophy… QUALITY

Quality of the source. Authenticity of the supplier. Complete dependability of the product delivered. It is that simple.

Pastes and Beans:

The Almondena line of fine ingredients has everything a chef needs to create delicious desserts. 100% pure Hazelnut Paste made with choice hazelnuts from Piedmont, Italy can flavour cakes, ganache, icings, truffles and so much more. Unusually spiced Tonka Beans, reminiscent of vanilla and cinnamon with cherry and almond notes, add delicious exoticism to chocolate desserts and cocktails. Pink Sugar Coated Pralines, Pistachio Paste and so much more.

Almondena Paste and Beans

Cocoa and Coconut:

Healthy and delicious Shaved Coconut and Coconut Ribbons add sweet flavour and interesting texture to granola and muesli and decadent dessert creations. Cocoa Nibs and Cacao Powder are a must for bakery and pastry treats.

Almondena coconut products

Sugary Sweetness:

Stir sweetness into coffee and tea with Almondena Amber and White Sugar Stir Sticks and Barista Sticks. Columbian Turbinado Sugar offers incomparable flavour depth and aromatic height. Adding Maple Sugar evokes the cozy warmth of homemade meals and treats all year long. Pure sweetness from the best sources across the globe.

Almondena Amber Sugar Stir Sticks


Vanilla flavoured and pastry-like flakiness of Fan-Shaped Wafers dress up desserts beautifully. Crunchtine Crepe’s buttery flavour adds toasty crispness to truffles, ganache and mouse.

Almondena embellishments