24K Salts & Dried Spices

The search for authentically sourced salts and spices stops here. 24K Salts & Dried Spices, decorate the plates of the most discerning chefs.


From mineral rich Himalayan Pink Salt, to the pale grey hue of Fleur de Sel, 24K makes every dish shine. For blended flavours try Atlantic Sea Salt with Garlic Scapes, Sea Salt with Truffle and Smoked Sea Salt. And jet black coloured Black Sea Salt Flakes create stunning presentation. Whether cooking, curing, brining or baking, the line features the ideal Sea Salt.

24K salts


Pump up flavour of grilled meats, stews and vinaigrettes with colourful Smoked Bittersweet Paprika. Oak smoked, Smoked Sweet Paprika de la Vera, elevates flavour and presentation of paella, fish and shellfish. And vivid orange-red Smoked Hot Paprika kicks the taste of chicken, meats and chorizo into high gear. Additional spices round out the line, so please explore.

24K spices