Couverture Vanuari 'Milk'39%Minigra 3Kg Michel Cluizel

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Michel Cluizel chocolate is considered one of the finest in the world and is used by over 6,000 of the most highly esteemed pastry chefs worldwide. They are among only a handful of chocolate makers who produce their own couverture; a very high quality chocolate containing extra cocoa butter. The “mini grammes” or chips melt uniformly, are easy to measure, and produce a beautiful, glossy shine. Vanuari Milk 39% has a mild flavour with predominantly butter caramel notes and a delicious hot chocolate finish. Michel Cluizel considers himself a cacaofévier over the more common chocolatier, because he oversees production from bean to chocolate. He strives for purity and perfection to ensure the truest and most nuanced cocoa flavour. Although available internationally the Cluizel production remains artisanal, not industrial, in production. Vanuari Milk 39% is an excellent milk chocolate couverture for making chocolates and truffles, or for molding. Use in any recipe calling for chocolate such as puddings, soufflés, cakes, tarts, cookies and ice cream.

  • Origin:
  • France
  • Feature(s):
  • Refrigerate in Summer

sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoas, colza lecithin, Bourbon vanilla pod. Contains milk. May contain traces of shelled tree nuts and gluten.

Couverture Vanuari 'Milk'39%Minigra 3Kg Michel Cluizel
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