Chillies Piri Piri (Extra Hot) 500G Royal Command 25g, 500g

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Hot, hot, hot! It was the Portuguese who introduced the Chilli Pepper as we know it to Europe and the Far East. They were also the first to use peppers to create a hot sauce, not hot maybe by today's standards, but nevertheless Piri Piri is the Portuguese Original. Piri Piri chilies, like all small chilies, are extremely hot. Portuguese Piri Piri Sauce is made with these chilies, garlic, thyme, lemon juice and olive oil and is used as a marinade for a flavourful chicken stew.

Select a size: 25g 500g

  • Origin:
  • Madagascar

Piri Piri chillies

Chillies PIRI PIRI (Extra Hot)
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