Blackening Rub 125G Davids 125g, 530g

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Adding flavour to cooking is easy with this aromatic blend of spices. Blackening Rub is made with spices like cumin, coriander, cayenne, and cinnamon. It's versatile, healthy, and contains no salt, no sodium, and no preservatives. Sprinkle directly on meat or fish or mix with a little oil and use as a marinade. Rub into lamb or goat for tagines, sprinkle on steaks, chicken, or salmon for grilling. It's delicious tossed on sweet potato fries with salt.

Select a size: 125g 530g

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  • Canada

Spices, Cayenne, Cloves

Blackening Rub
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Customer Reviews

by Lindsay


The best blackening rub on the market! Super flavorful and NO SALT! A must for all types of meat a fish.

Posted On 2017-07-18

by Tanya O.


I have been using this rub for years - with no salt and no sugar, it's the best out there!

Posted On 2017-03-18

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