Aromatic Orange Bitters 100Ml Angostura

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Made with the peel of sun-ripened Caribbean oranges, Angostura Orange Bitters has an intense, bold orange flavour when you need it. Clear in colour, this bitters is an excellent substitute for orange zest in cocktails and can be used anywhere a quick burst of natural orange flavour is wanted. It pairs well with many spirits and adds complex flavouring to culinary sauces. Try using it to make a Remoulade sauce with fried or poached shellfish, or add a dash to chocolate desserts such as chocolate mousse create a delicious layer of flavours.

  • Origin:
  • Trinidad

glycerine, water, alcohol, natural flavours, spices, caramel.

Aromatic Orange Bitters             100Ml Angostura
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Angostura Bitters have survived the test of time for good reason. They are an excellent product that form part of the essential stock of any home bar. The relatively light bitter element makes them both versatile and approachable, meaning they will be enjoyed by enthusiast and newcomer to the cocktail scene alike.

Posted On 2015-11-26

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