Anchovy Fillet Olive Oil 710G Stella 710g, 56g

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Anchovy Fillets are an essential ingredient in French Provencal Pissaldiere and Caesar Salad. They can be finely chopped and sautéed with fresh garlic and chilies along with broccoli rabe or dinosaur kale. Easily sauteed with meat or vegetables, on a salad or added to a dressing, these anchovies are highly versatile. These premium anchovy fillets have been cured in sea salt, filleted and packed in flavourful Spanish olive oil. They have a delicious umami rich cured fish flavour.

Select a size: 56g 710g

  • Origin:
  • Italy
  • Feature(s):
  • Refrigerate

Anchovies, olive oil, salt.

Anchovy Fillet Olive Oil
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Customer Reviews

by douglas t.


My wife and I had this for the first time in Tenerife last year.
For so many years all we could find were the brown Anchovy
Fillet either in Olive Oil or Salt. Thank you, Qualifirst for having available these White Anchovy Fillet. There are my wife's favourite.

Posted On 2016-06-08

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