Wasabi Ko Tube (Horseradish) 43G S&B

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Wasabi in a tube is a pre-mixed paste of this powerful heat vapour-infused flavour! It not only has perfect consistency but it is also very convenient. The paste is ready to use traditionally on sushi and sashimi. It can be mixed with mayonnaise to add good heat and character to salads or vegetable dips. It is delicious in fish and shellfish tartare including salmon, tuna or scallops and is excellent on oysters on the half shell. It also adds good heat flavour to mashed potatoes served with an Asian marinated flank steak.

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horseradish, sorbitol, rice bran oil, sugar, modified rice starch, salt, water, cellulose, wasabi, artificial flavour, citric acid, turmeric, xanthan gum, artificial colour: brilliant blue FCF).

Wasabi Ko Tube (Horseradish)        43G S&B
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