Villa Gracinda 67% Saotome Minigram 3Kg Michel Cluizel

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A bite opens up the tastes of vanilla, honey, bourbon, licorice and toffee flavours creamily melting in the mouth making it addictively edible! Michel Cluizel's Villa Gracinda 67% comes from the island of Sao Tome off central Africa. It has a deep, pleasing ebony colour with some purplish tones with woody, earthy flavour and notes of roasted coffee and bitter nuttiness of hazelnuts. The chips melt uniformly and are a superb choice for cooking or baking in mousses, soufflés, cookies, cakes or in any recipe calling for a semi-sweet chocolate.

  • France
  • Feature(s):
  • Refrigerate in Summer

cocoas from plantation 'Vila Gracinda', sugar, cocoa butter, Bourbon vanilla pod. May contain traces of shelled tree nuts, milk and gluten.

Villa Gracinda 67% Saotome Minigram 3Kg Michel Cluizel
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