Vanilla Powder 100% (Bourbon) 55g, 1Kg

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A great alternative to Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Powder will not discolour your frostings, cakes and ice creams...and, is great in coffee! it is made by grinding dried whole vanilla beans to a fine powder. Vanilla powder is superb for flavouring dry baking mixes. It adds a beautiful flavour and natural vanilla fleck to glazes for donuts, is excellent in vanilla ice cream, can be used to flavour angel food cake without weighing the batter down, or can be sprinkled directly on fresh fruit for an excellent vanilla flavour.

Select a size: 55g 1kg

  • Madagascar

Vanilla beans.

Shipping Specs

  • Gross Case Weight (Kg)
  • 0.9256
  • Net Case Weight (Kg)
  • 0.7536
  • Case Height (cm)
  • 21.5
  • Case Length (cm)
  • 37.5
  • Item Length (cm)
  • 7
  • Item Width (cm)
  • 7
  • Item Height (cm)
  • 5.5
Vanilla Powder 100% (Bourbon)
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