Snail Shells (Empty) Extra Large 24Ct Royal Command

SKU: 080904 | Royal Command |

These extra large shells are big enough to accommodate a plump snail and lots of extra delicious flavouring. They are the perfect, traditional and reusable shell for serving snail appetizers. Excellent for use in dishes such as Escargot Bourguignon (with garlic and herb butter) or any savoury compound butter including a butter made with garlic and goat cheese.

  • France

24 empty Snail Shells

Shipping Specs

  • Gross Case Weight (Kg)
  • 0
  • Net Case Weight (Kg)
  • 0.762
  • Case Height (cm)
  • 0
  • Case Length (cm)
  • 0
  • Item Length (cm)
  • 21
  • Item Width (cm)
  • 28
  • Item Height (cm)
  • 6
Snail Shells (Empty) Extra Large    24Ct Royal Command
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