Raspberry Marmalade Seedless 5.5Kg, 12.5Kg

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Fresh raspberry flavour is first in this baking jam made with sun-ripened raspberries and a special pectin to withstand high oven heat. Even after baking, Seedless Raspberry Marmalade has a natural red colour and fresh raspberry flavour. Hero makes products according to high-quality Swiss standards, and their fruit marmalade contains no artificial preservatives, no high-fructose corn syrup, are gluten-free, and kosher. It can be used hot or cold and makes a delicious filling for doughnuts, danishes, tarts, and thumbprint cookies.

Select a size: 12.5Kg 5.5Kg

  • Switzerland
  • Feature(s):
  • Kosher

Raspberry Marmalade Seedless
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