Marbles Red (Billes Rouges) 750G Michel Cluizel

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Michel Cluizel's innovations continue to excite us! It's not just about the best ingredients and flavour but also about the exceptional mouth-feel experience! With these small puffed cereal balls, Souffletine add lightness and crunchiness to most chocolate creations and petit fours. They can also add sophistication to a retro favourite or get into holiday spirit by just adding these red balls! Cluizel's puffed cereals are coated with dark chocolate 72% cocoa. Diam.= 10 mm. Unit weight = 0.65g.

  • France
  • Feature(s):
  • Refrigerate in Summer

Puffed Cereals Coated with white chocolate. Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cereals, Gum Arabic, Colouring Agents for Decoration E129-CL16035, Lac Gum, Bourbon Vanilla Pod

Shipping Specs

  • Gross Case Weight (Kg)
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  • Net Case Weight (Kg)
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  • Case Height (cm)
  • 0
  • Case Length (cm)
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  • Item Length (cm)
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  • Item Width (cm)
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  • Item Height (cm)
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Marbles Red (Billes Rouges)         750G Michel Cluizel
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