Himalayan Pink Salt (Coarse) 2-5mm 400g, 5Kg

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Sea salt just got even better and prettier in Himalayan Pink Salt. Himalayan salt is said to be the purest form of sea salt. And, the varying hues of pink indicates the salt's rich mineral and energy-rich iron content. Himalayan Pink Salt is a coarse salt with a pleasant crunch. It has good pure salt flavour, free of the harshness or bitterness found in salts with additives. Himalayan Pink Salt is striking on the table in a saltcellar or grinder. It makes an excellent finishing salt for grilled steak, in salads or on chocolates.

Select a size: 400g 5kg

  • Pakistan

Himalayan pink salt.

Shipping Specs

  • Gross Case Weight (Kg)
  • 5.0704
  • Net Case Weight (Kg)
  • 4.8984
  • Case Height (cm)
  • 21.5
  • Case Length (cm)
  • 37.5
  • Item Length (cm)
  • 6
  • Item Width (cm)
  • 12
  • Item Height (cm)
  • 21
Himalayan Pink Salt (Coarse) 2-5mm
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