Gum Gellan High Acyl 45g, 200g, 454g

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Gellan gum is a food gum. It is used as a thickener, emulsifier, and stabiliser. One needs only approximately half the amount of gellan gum as agar to reach an equivalent gel strength.

Select a size: 454g 200g 45g

  • China

gellan gum.

Shipping Specs

  • Gross Case Weight (Kg)
  • 3.061
  • Net Case Weight (Kg)
  • 2.784
  • Case Height (cm)
  • 25.5
  • Case Length (cm)
  • 31.5
  • Item Length (cm)
  • 11
  • Item Width (cm)
  • 111
  • Item Height (cm)
  • 8
Gum Gellan High Acyl
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