Fee Brothers Passionfruit (Golden) Cordial 946Ml

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The mouthwatering exotic flavour of fresh ripe passion fruit, described as a cross between pineapple and banana, with a beautiful golden colour. Long before pop became a widely available popular beverage cordial syrups were used to flavour water. Fee Brothers cordial syrups are non-alcoholic and can be added to taste to still or sparkling water, used to flavour hot or cold tea and coffee drinks, or to give character to cocktails. A delicious addition to a non-alcoholic fruit punch, iced tea, or added to seltzer water and garnished with vanilla ice cream for a Passion Fruit Float. Used in cocktails including the Hurricane, Passion Fruit Daiquiri and Passion Punch.

  • USA

Fee Brothers Passionfruit (Golden) Cordial       946Ml
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