Fee Brothers Cranberry Bitters 150Ml

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Fee Brothers Cranberry bitters are perfect for adding a sweet and sour twist to your cocktails, as well as a slug of bitterness. It's got a refreshing tart flavour and bright red colour of fresh cranberries. Cranberry Bitters is used by craft-cocktail mixers in classic drinks such as the Crantini or a Cranberry Daiquiri, it adds character to White Sangria or a Champagne Cocktail, and it can be added to fruit cordials, and is delicious in culinary preparations including ice cream, sorbet, jams, jellies and chutneys.

  • USA

water, glycerine, N&A cranberry flavour, and other natural and artificial flavours, citric acid and FD&C RED#40.

Fee Brothers Cranberry Bitters                   150Ml
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