Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Unleash your imagination and turn your kitchen into a molecular gastronomy lab. Make Parmesan foam with soy lecithin to garnish a sauté of wild mushrooms and asparagus. Create caviar from liquids like red wine or yuzu juice using sodium alginate and calcium chloride. Or make large spheres like liquid mozzarella with calcium lactate gluconate. All the ingredients for mastering the techniques of the great modern chefs.

Chef John Placko

"Powder for Texture Molecular Cuisine Kits have all the ingredients and equipment to get you excited about the world of modern cooking. Our kits have 10 of the most amazing hard to find ingredients for spherification, emulsification, gelification, aeration and more. Create pearls, foams, bubbles, fluid gels, spheres and more. The pocket digital scale we include in the kit is a must for any recipe."


Molecular Cuisine Kit

Have fun playing with your food! A kit sure to delight the budding Molecular chef, it contains all the ingredients and tools for mastering a variety of modern culinary techniques and preparation. It includes xanthan gum for spherification like Ferran Adria’s Melon with Ham, soy lecithin powder for stabilizing foam sauces such as foie gras sauce, and sodium alginate and a food grade syringe for preparing caviar such as watermelon or fruit juice.

Molecular Gastronomy Kit