Duck Foie Gras Frozen Grade B 400G Rougie

SKU: 070146 | Rougie |

Enhanced by slow cooking then flash-frozen, this Frozen Duck Foie Gras Grade B has a homemade taste with a smooth, unctuous, buttery texture and rich, subtle, liver flavour accented with back truffle and Armagnac. It is perfect for use in cooking to make a compound butter for on grilled beef tenderloin or stuffed under the skin of a chicken for roasting. It adds unique flavour and silken texture to rabbit sausage and is excellent for finishing a sauce for fricassee.

  • Canada
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  • Refrigerate

reconstituted duck foie gras, pieces of lobe of duck foie gras, water, salt, sodium nitrate, Armagnac, pepper, truffle juice.

Duck Foie Gras Frozen Grade B       400G Rougie
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