Dark Choc 99% Bar 'Noir Infini' 70G Michel Cluizel

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Would you want to know what 99% fine chocolate tastes like? Bitter. Really for chocolate connoisseur or for well-informed palates. Michel Cluizel's Noir Infini 99% is absolutely an excellent chocolate with the highest cocoa content in the world, the highest possible; deep, dense, infinite and unforgettable harmonies. Stamped with the 'Noble Ingredients' quality commitment on the front guarantees a product comprised of only 'the best': pure cocoa butter, Bourbon vanilla bean, sugar cane, and 'without' soy lecithin!

  • France
  • Feature(s):
  • Refrigerate in Summer

cocoas, sugar, cinnamon, ginger, Bourbon vanilla pod. May contain traces of shelled tree nuts, milk and gluten.

Dark Choc 99% Bar 'Noir Infini'     70G Michel Cluizel
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