Couverture Vanuari Dark 63% MiniGram 250g, 3Kg, 20Kg

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This will make it feel like a Holiday all-year round with its flavour notes of roasted cocoa, gingerbread, honey, berries and a pepper and vanilla finish. Michel Cluizel's Vanuari Dark 63% mini grammes are easy to measure, melt quickly and produce a perfect glossy shine and good crack when tempered. Vanuari Dark 63% Couverture is excellent for chocolates, truffles and decorative work. It is a superb bittersweet chocolate for making chocolate sorbet, chocolate meringues, and chocolate cream pie.

Select a size: 3Kg 20kg 250g

  • France
  • Feature(s):
  • Refrigerate in Summer

cocoas, sugar, cocoa butter. colza lecithin, Bourbon vanilla pod. May contain traces of tree nuts, milk and gluten.

Couverture Vanuari Dark 63% MiniGram
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