Cornichon Tiny 370Ml Viniteau

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Absolutely delicious, adorable and very useful, these French pickles, cornichons, are only one to two inches in length but they pack a punch! When choosing a crunchy, savoury and acidic bite to balance out cheese, pate or cured meats, you can’t lose with these. Viniteau is a premier French producer of pickles, mustards and vinegars. Viniteau Cornichons are excellent speared on a toothpick as a garnish, finely chopped in tartar sauce, mixed in cold mayonnaise based sauce, served with cold roast beef or fried fish.

  • France
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  • From Farm to Table

Gherkins, water, vinegar, salt, spices, white onions, tarragon.

Cornichon Tiny                      375Ml Viniteau
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