Bitarome Floral

Using only the best steaming process, these Moroccan florals add light sweetness and delicate, fragrant notes, reminiscent of their organically grown blooms.

Harmonize bitterness with their sweetness. Enhance ethnic dishes’ complex flavours. Add exotic taste and aroma to holiday desserts and pastry.

The full line of Florals Extracts includes: Orange Floral Water, Rose Petal Water, Jasmine Water & Lavender Water (available soon).


Bitarome Périgord

Rouse the flavour of prized masterpieces. Perigord Extracts’ 18% alcohol adds flavour in just a drop.

Experience caramelized fruit as never before. Pair with the luxurious flavour of foie gras. Accentuate sauces, soups, marinades and stews.

Add deep, earthy essences to French, Italian and Thai favourites. And the hunt for the rich, meaty flavour of morel mushrooms stops here.

See everything Bitarome Perigord has to offer: morel, porcini, truffle, foie gras.


Bitarome Citrusy

Cold pressed from the rind of fresh fruit retains the flavour, aroma and nutritional value of these bold citrus oils.

Excite the palate with Mexican, Thai and Indian fare this holiday season. Wrap up zesty lime, garlic and beef in lettuce leaves for a Vietnamese delight.

Boost flavour in holiday candies, festive frostings, baked goods and zesty marinades.

Take a peek at the full offering of these Citrusy delights: lemon oil, red mandarin, blood orange, lime extract.


Bitarome Aromatic

Anticipate the fragrant magic of the holidays with buttery, sweet, warm maple extract shortbread cookies. And ginger and cinnamon impart merriment in the heart of gingerbread cut outs.

Equally intoxicating in pierniki, the Polish version of the festive cut out cookie, and Greek Ouzo, anise regales the senses. Invoke aromas of Thailand and China with ginger added to meat and vegetable stir fries.

Bring glad tidings and fond memories to your customers. Bitarome's fine Aromatics line includes: anise, cinnamon, ginger, maple, peppermint, vanilla.


Bitarome Nutty

Sweet, buttery, cocoa-hinted hazelnut, thickens Turkish chicken stews to perfection. And ground almond soothes lemon’s sharpness in English cakes and tarts.

Or, try something different. Pair the flavour of almond with rose as the Iranians do on festive occasions.

Making your holiday list? Make sure it includes Bitarome Nutty Extracts: almond, hazelnut, pistachio.


Bitarome Fruity

Like the joyful ribbons accenting holiday packages, accentuate your traditional recipes with Bitarome Fruity Extracts.

Celebrate the Austrian tradition with flavours of Linzertorte; the perfect duet of sweet-sour raspberry and the buttery, cocoa hints of hazelnut.

And reminiscent of the ruby gems grown in Black Forest Germany, cherry and chocolate pair elegantly in cakes and cordials.

Bitarome's Fruity line of extracts includes: cherry, raspberry, strawberry.


Bitarome Tropical

Resolve to bring a bit of the tropics to your seasonal fare.

Creamy, nutty flavoured coconut spiced with cinnamon combines deliciously in a Cuban rice pudding. Or treat your guests to the famous curries of Thailand with complementary flavours of coconut and delicate white fish.

Bitarome Tropical line includes: Tropical Coconut.


Bitarome Cacao

Fancy a festive treat, wrap it up in chocolate.

Perfectly compatible with almond and maple, or the heat of chilies for a Mexican mole. And of course the famously combined flavours of chocolate and hazelnut Nutella.

Or, borrow from the Brits with the oddly paired taste of chocolate and tart lime.

Bitarome Cacao line includes: Chocolate Extract.