Aromatic Bitters 100ml, 200ml, 473mL

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Not just for upset stomachs or sodas, Angostura aromatic bitters are a key ingredient in many cocktails and especially in whiskey cocktails. Though not in the classic recipe, bartenders sometimes add more flavour to the Mojito cocktail by sprinkling a few drops of Angostura bitter on top. Bitters can also be used in soft drinks. Made from a 'secret' formula, developed in 1824 by Dr. Siegert, it is a unique blend of natural herbs and spices which is used to flavour a wide variety of foods and drinks.

Select a size: 200ml 473mL 100ml

  • Trinidad

Water, alcohol, spices, natural flavours, sugar, colorant: caramel. 44.7% alcohol by volume.

Aromatic Bitters
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